Honda to go full electric in the UK by 2022

Reports have suggested that Honda has removed their last diesel-powered models from the sale, and according to The Times, the last vehicles will be out of dealerships within a few weeks. Honda Motor Company has moved to phase out all traditional petrol and diesel versions of its mainstream models in the UK by 2022.

A statement issued in 2019 in which the Honda group ensured that 100% of its European sales would be generated by EV by 2025, followed by a second announcement in October revealing that the company would accelerate this timetable to 2022.


Tom Gardner, Senior VP of Honda Motor Europe speaking in 2019 said, “The pace of change in regulation, the market, and consumer behaviour in Europe means that the shift towards electrification is happening faster here than anywhere else in the world. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, we need to act sooner to meet these challenges head-on. I’m delighted to announce that all of Honda’s mainstream models here in Europe will be electrified not by 2025, but three years earlier, by the end of 2022, just 36 months from now.”

In April, the company also revealed that they would jointly build two next-generation EVs with the American automotive giant General Motors using GM's new proprietary Ultium batteries and the accompanying EV platform.


Meanwhile, earlier this month, in the German Car of the Year Awards, the Honda e won Best Car in the 'New Energy' category, knocking out the Tesla Model Y, Polestar 2, and the Volkswagen ID.3.

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